Copperwood Estates

Happy Homemaking,

When looking for a new home, community is everything. One of our best assets is our location that we chose to build our community in.

Offering the second best trail system in Grande Prairie aside from Muskoseepi Trails and being a neighbor to Crystal Lake, which is Grande Prairie’s most established community on the North end, makes Copperwood a great place to call home.

Welcome to our Community



The “Evangeline”


Jade Jade2Jade3 Jade4



The “Jade”


Kailey Kailey2 Kailey3 Kailey4


The Kailey”

Monte Carlo MonteCarlo2 MonteCarlo3 MonteCarlo4

The “Monte Carlo”

0912 UHC Juliauna Front Overview 07-03-13 Render 2

The “Juliuana”